Majitelia Andrea a Matúš - Enak Trnava

Matus Janderla
Andrea Hrubcova

Enak‘s Owners – What you don‘t know about them

Enak bistro & restaurant is a masterpiece of two young travelers – Matus Janderla and Andrea Hrubcova. They fell in love with traditional cuisine of this remote corner of the world as they were traveling. Despite the fact, that Matus and Andrea live in Piestany, they’ve decided to open a bistro in the old center of nearby town Trnava. It is a culturally and economically emerging city with a young fresh spirit. During their trips, they visited places like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. In every and each one of them, they’ve approached different food, which they ‘brought’ home for you to enjoy it.

In Vietnam, they liked soups Pho and Pho Bo. Pho was cooked in local warung that belonged to the cook Vín and his family. The cook Vín has taught them how to prepare traditional Vietnamese meals and variations of Vietnamese salads. Matus and Andrea also managed to bring this skillful cook to Slovakia, where he spent two months in our bistro. During his visit in Enak he has showed to our cookery team some recipes that had been handed down through the generations.

In Thailand, they found warung, where they met exotic Thai Tasanee. Tasanee has taught them how to cook Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup and curry paste, from which Thai curry is regularly made.

While being on Bali, they were fascinated by local Balinese dish called Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng.

In addition to the meals mentioned above, we have prepared for you a sample of Indian cuisine such as Saag Paneer – Indian roasted cheese or Murgh Makhami – butter chicken.

Enak’s modest offer of served meals is at the expense of their quality. Because of the unavailability of first-class raw materials as well as spices from which dishes are made of, we import them directly from Bratislava and Vienna.

Everything we make in Enak, we do at our best, because we also eat all these meals. 🙂

In the preparation of all dishes participates a team made of qualified chefs, whom we teach and train to explore the exotic flavors typical for Enak. Enak means tasty and good in Indonesian translation and that is also exactly our goal – to cook for you good and tasty meals defined by quality.