In our bistro, we daily try to convey the encounter with the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia, while we draw the inspiration from the enchanted island in the heart of Indonesia, Bali. To bring you a little bit of this magical island, we decided to arrange in our bistro Enak an evening dedicated to Balinese culture, which took place on June 18th. It was combination of tasting traditional Indonesian dishes and a friendly atmosphere that brought you to this remote island for a while.

During the Balinese evening at our bistro, we mainly focused on the typical Balinese dishes like Baby guling. It is pork with spicy mixture seasoned with traditional herbs.

Furthermore, the next served dish was Daging rendang, which is prepared from beef and indigenous people used this technique as method of preservation.

The third of the main dishes that were given at this exceptional occasion was typical Balinese dish called Sate lilit or Satay. Word Lilit means in Balinese or Indonesian pack/ wrap, which actually refers to the way of preparation – meat wrapped around of a piece of bamboo, cane or sticks of lemongrass.

Satay ayam, which was also part of the evening’s tasting, is meat (pork, beef, chicken or fish) served impaled on a stick. As a side dish was served rice called Nasi kuning; a main ingredient of everyday meal of Balinese people.

Before serving all these tasty meals in the Balinese evening, there was a traditional Indonesian soup offered to our guests. The soup is called Bakso or Baso and it’s very popular among the natives or visitors.

By serving all these delicious dishes and meals we tried to take you, at least in this way, on one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia, Bali. In addition to food, we tried to evoke the Balinese atmosphere with exposed photographs of this charming island, music and pleasant mood. We truly believe that you liked our theme night and in the future you’ll come to taste a piece of Indonesia to our bistro Enak.