Ivet’s raw & vegan food desserts

Here at ENAK bistro & restaurant, in February this year we introduced an innovation called raw desserts from Ivet. Since they are inseparable part of our menu, let us shortly introduce you these desserts and their maker.

Ivet – Iveta Novotná is a young ambitious lover of raw desserts, who brought her passion to the perfection. Her first workshop was established in Trencin, where she got into the consciousness of cafés and restaurants throughout the western Slovakia. Together with her colleague (btw. also Ivet), they prepare desserts, that are unique because of their original look and especially divine taste. While creating these, they use only ingredients of the highest quality from certified suppliers.

Ivet raw&vegan food

Since we know how much you guys love sweets, we decided to bring it to our Enak. We have chosen Ivet’s raw desserts, because even if they are sweet and good they are still healthy. Raw food/cakes are called raw, because it hasn’t undergone a heat treatment above 42°C thus it retains all the nutrients and vitamins. Since these desserts don´t contain any flour, eggs, refined sugar, milk or soya, they are suitable for people suffering from a variety of intolerance and celiac diseases. On the contrary, you can enjoy desserts from Ivet without any remorse and regrets. It’s also called ‘the living food’, due to the amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats that it retains, which have lot of benefits to our body.

Ivet raw&vegan food

All handmade goodies are brightly decorated with fruits, flowers or chocolate that is made by themselves. We decided for these desserts here at our Enak bistro & restaurant just for their uniqueness. You can enjoy them with us always fresh and in many different flavors and variations. Since the range of flavors and combinations is pretty wide, we chose for you a raw mix consisting of 12 pieces and 6 different types. Until the last moment when delivered we don´t know what combination Ivet selected for us, but we can tell it´s exceptional each time. So every visit you may taste different kind of dessert. Current combinations of what we have offered to our guests yet e.g.: bounty, chocolate-raspberry, chocolate-banana, acaico, raspberry and green barley, chia-blueberry jam, chocolate cheesecake with raspberries, coconut, banana split, orange cheesecake, raspberry-lime cheesecake, raw tiramisu, poppy-cherry, coconut-cappuccino, cinnamon-raspberry, blueberry-lime, forest fruits and infinitely many others.

Recently, we have prepared for you a novelty in the form of raw cups – chocolate-raspberry and blueberry chia jam.

Ivet raw&vegan food

As it happens, to every dessert inherently belongs a cup of a good coffee, which is in our case a bio organic coffee – Caffe Molinari Bio.

Read more about this specialty at our blog: Molinari bio organic & fairtrade certified coffee.

We believe that our offer of IVET raw & vegan food charmed and fascinated you as well as us and you’ll come to enjoy them to our Enak bistro & restaurant as soon as possible.