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Reasons why our organic tea is the best choice

In the Scandinavian countries, Løv  means leaf. French brand Løv Organic got inspired by this part of the world, where the modern lifestyle cares of  the environment.

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29. November 2015

Indonesia, our inspiration

South Eastern Asia is a sub-region of Asia. It extends from the East of India, South of China, across the Pacific, Papua New Guinea, and nearly to the coast of Northern Australia. A tropical climate, where most of the region is located, allows the local inhabitants to grow tropical vegetables, fruit, rice and spices. Rice with fish, meat, vegetables and fruit are part of everyday meals. The food is influenced by region, religion or countless different traditions much like the culture of this particular region. We want to focus primarily on the Indonesian and Balinese cuisine in our bistro Enak, but in the near future, we’re planning also Thai, Malay, Vietnamese and Indian cuisine.

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If you are a traveler and you have already visited Indonesia, then Bintang beer is certainly not a stranger. Bintang is the most popular and the only locally produced beer. The word Bintang means star, therefore you can see there many inscriptions saying ʻBir Bintangʻ which means ʻStarry beerʻ.

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