5. March 2019

Ako chutí Bangkok

enak bangkok chinatown

Ako sme navštívili hlavné mesto Thajskej kuchyne

Nedávno sme absolvovali kratší, ale o to „nabitejší“ výlet do Bangkoku. Pre Bangkok sme sa rozhodli preto, že aj u nás v bistre pripravujeme zopár thajských pokrmov a kde inde sa môžete naučiť najviac ako priamo v hlavnom meste thajskej kuchyne. Každý deň sme pre vás počas nášho niekoľko dňového výletu od rána do večera skúšali všetky možné druhy jedál a pokrmov.

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Fish cakes v Singapoore

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

Príprava kávy s kávovarom Faema

“Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.ˮ Stephanie Piro

Lovers of good food, in this case good coffee!

Let us introduce you three new types of coffee in the following lines that we have prepared for you. As it is already known about Enak, we do care to serve you a good quality coffee. We select for you the best coffee imported from distant coffee plantations.

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24. November 2016

Piece of Thailand in Trnava

Pestovanie - kava panghon

Coffee Phangkton in Enak bistro & restaurant

We have brought for you a piece of Thailand into our bistro and restaurant Enak, which gets into our small Trnava in the form of coffee. For better understanding of the origin and uniqueness of this coffee called Pangkhon (according to the place where it comes from) let us englihten it for you in the following lines.

Offered coffee comes from Thailand, namely from coffee farming area Doi Pangkhon located in the province of Thailand called Chiang Rai. While this gourmet coffee is a „rookie“ to the international market, farmers at Doi Pangkhon have been dedicated to the coffee cultivation for almost 40 years. Their soil rich in minerals and Catimor shrubs gives coffee a complexity and pinch of spiciness. Coffee comes from a couple of young farmers – Ata and Pupae that are only 26 and 30 years old. They are the third generation of coffee growers, actively seeking the involvement of specialty buyers.

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Ivet raw&vegan food

Ivet’s raw & vegan food desserts

Here at ENAK bistro & restaurant, in February this year we introduced an innovation called raw desserts from Ivet. Since they are inseparable part of our menu, let us shortly introduce you these desserts and their maker.

Ivet – Iveta Novotná is a young ambitious lover of raw desserts, who brought her passion to the perfection. Her first workshop was established in Trencin, where she got into the consciousness of cafés and restaurants throughout the western Slovakia. Together with her colleague (btw. also Ivet), they prepare desserts, that are unique because of their original look and especially divine taste. While creating these, they use only ingredients of the highest quality from certified suppliers.

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Evening Balinese cuisine at Bistro ENAK

In our bistro, we daily try to convey the encounter with the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia, while we draw the inspiration from the enchanted island in the heart of Indonesia, Bali. To bring you a little bit of this magical island, we decided to arrange in our bistro Enak an evening dedicated to Balinese culture, which took place on June 18th. It was combination of tasting traditional Indonesian dishes and a friendly atmosphere that brought you to this remote island for a while.

During the Balinese evening at our bistro, we mainly focused on the typical Balinese dishes like Baby guling. It is pork with spicy mixture seasoned with traditional herbs.

Furthermore, the next served dish was Daging rendang, which is prepared from beef and indigenous people used this technique as method of preservation.

The third of the main dishes that were given at this exceptional occasion was typical Balinese dish called Sate lilit or Satay. Word Lilit means in Balinese or Indonesian pack/ wrap, which actually refers to the way of preparation – meat wrapped around of a piece of bamboo, cane or sticks of lemongrass.

Satay ayam, which was also part of the evening’s tasting, is meat (pork, beef, chicken or fish) served impaled on a stick. As a side dish was served rice called Nasi kuning; a main ingredient of everyday meal of Balinese people.

Before serving all these tasty meals in the Balinese evening, there was a traditional Indonesian soup offered to our guests. The soup is called Bakso or Baso and it’s very popular among the natives or visitors.

By serving all these delicious dishes and meals we tried to take you, at least in this way, on one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia, Bali. In addition to food, we tried to evoke the Balinese atmosphere with exposed photographs of this charming island, music and pleasant mood. We truly believe that you liked our theme night and in the future you’ll come to taste a piece of Indonesia to our bistro Enak.

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